Friday, June 9, 2006

my apartment therapy house tour

my dad throwing the garter at my parent's wedding. i love how crazy everyone is getting to catch that thing!

mookie sitting in my reading nook. my gran made me that afghan.

my most recent painting. still in progress. oh dear you can see kitty litter in the background. how embarrassing!!!!!!!!!! ha!

I have a house tour up on Apartment Therapy Chicago! Thanks Janel for asking and taking such lovely photos. I was totally flattered and excited. I also have to admit I was a tiny bit nervous. What if people are mean? What if they don't like our home? Sometimes people can be so unfiltered when it comes to commenting on the internet. I mean there is constructive criticism and then there is just being plain rude. I got over that real quick! The fun thing about the house tours is to see how readers live and decorate their homes. Everyone's home is different and that's why I love seeing a new tour each week.

So check our my home!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

a fresh new blog!

I'm happy to announce a brand spanking new blog my good friend Jessica and I have created! It's called Design Boner and it is going to be fun, fabulous, goofy and exciting. We're excited about it and I hope some of you get excited too! (Not too excited though. Tee hee!!! RAWR!) So please check it out. We hope you like it!!!!